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 Designers and Manufacturers of

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Small or Single Pieces up through Large Multi-Unit Projects.
Job Shop Welding and Fabricating.
Design, Engineering & Project Management Support.
Shearing, Bending, Rolling & Punching.
CNC Press Brake up to 1000 Tons x 34 Feet.
CNC Cutting - Hi-Def Plasma and Oxy-Acetyl. 
Certified Welding - MIG, TIG, Flux-Core, and Stick.
Machining, Milling, Turning, Drilling, and Sawing.
Painting, Finishing, Coating, Galvanizing, Detailing.
Assembly, Logistics, Installation or Field Erection.
Your One-Stop Source for Custom Fabrications.

Custom Metal Fabrications

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Full-Service Fabrication & Weldments

Custom Metal


& Weldments

Weld Reliability

At minimum, the true essence of every Structural Weldment or Custom Fabrication is the strength and reliability of its welded joints. No matter how well it may be engineered or designed, or how well chosen its materials, or even how well it has been inspected, in the final analysis it all comes down to the inherent quality of each weld.  That is the fundamental nature of welded structures.


And because of the one-off nature of custom fabrications, most welded joints must be accomplished by human hands, not dedicated or automated welding systems.  For that, you need true craftsman, and we are very proud of each of our experienced craftsmen, and the AWS and ASME code credentials they carry.  They are, in fact, the heart and soul of our operations – welding is our bedrock skill set. 

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